Why Star Wars Space Nazis Shun Killer Robots

Star Wars films tend to dwell upon space fantasy adventures that mix starships with space wizards wielding laser swords within a galaxy far, far away. Despite that concentrate, quite a few Star Wars films also come about to buy cheap SWTOR Credits function one more staple of science fiction: killer robots.

Fictional killer robots usually represent either the agents of higher villains or the main existential threat to humanity in a lot of science fiction films. Iconic Star Wars villains such as Darth Vader and Kylo Ren would seem to naturally go glove-in-hand using the idea of commanding killer robot armies to complete their bidding. But the Star Wars films frequently go inside a diverse direction by featuring villains who largely disdain the use of killer robots – even if the undesirable guys could secretly like the thought of mindless automatons carrying out their bidding.

Turn back now in order to steer clear of spoilers on any in the Star Wars films besides “The Last Jedi.”

Rise on the Killer Robot Armies

Initially glance, the Star Wars prequel trilogy appears to stick to the classic “killer robots are bad” script. The initial threat from armies of killer robots help set events in motion that ultimately bring about the downfall of each the Old Republic plus the Jedi Knights: a monastic order of warriors that had protected the Republic based primarily on their mastery on the mysterious power generally known as the Force.

Through the prequel films, a group of star systems and corporations types a Separatist Alliance with all the objective of breaking away from the Old Republic’s rule more than the majority of the known Star Wars galaxy. The Separatists deploy significant armies and fleets of military robots that come in all shapes and sizes, like humanoid battle droids carrying power weapons and droid starfighters capable of space combat.

Despite some notable deficiencies, the battle droids nevertheless handle to trigger a considerable variety of casualties among the Old Republic’s forces that consist primarily of human clone troopers. The battle droids even prove capable of taking down lightsaber-wielding Jedi – arguably essentially the most potent combatants in the Star Wars galaxy – with adequate massed firepower.

But the Star Wars prequels commence to turn away from the conventional Hollywood script of “bad killer robots” once they reveal the correct villains from the trilogy. It turns out that the Separatist leadership is actually being manipulated by the evil Darth Sidious, who takes place to be Chancellor Palpatine in his day job in the head of the Old Republic.

The Separatists and their battle droid armies end up getting SWTOR Credits mere puppets from the genuinely villainous Palpatine, who utilizes the conflict amongst the Separatists and Old Republic to drum up political support for himself and make his grab for dictatorial power. The killer robot armies are apparently completed when the Separatist Alliance’s leadership is eliminated by Palpatine following the end of their usefulness to him.