Path of Exile: War for the Atlas Launches on Xbox One

Recently, Grinding Gear Games released a brand new expansion for Path of Exile(Path of Exile Items), which can be known as War for the Atlas, and it truly is now readily available on Xbox One, as the Pc version launched somedays ago. The game appears amazing on the common console but even superior on the Xbox One X, as it runs at native 4K 60 FPS and characteristics enhanced effects.

Path of Exile’s lore is difficult but this new chapter focuses around the war between two highly effective beings generally known as The Shaper and the Elder. If you’ve seasoned the base game, you could bear in mind references to the conflict and characters. The expansion adds several missions and dungeons so expect dozens of hours of added gameplay. What’s most impressive is the fact that War for the Atlas introduces more than thirty new maps using a large amount of endgame things. The expansion also acts as a patch, because it improves balancing along with other concerns identified inside the Xbox One version.

You will find also ten new gems which behave somewhat like active and passive expertise. Altering existing ones and acquiring new combinations radically alters your attacks. Whilst other role-playing games demand you to swap out skills, Path of Exile requires you to buy poe currency swap out gems. The expansion also adds the Abyss Challenge League exactly where players can earn mysterious things known as Abyss Jewels by fighting enemies erupting from beneath. Abyss Jewels is usually used to further upgrade your character and things in special ways.