NBA 2K18 MyTeam: All-Time Greatest Prep-To-Pro Custom-Theme Squad

NBA 2K18’s MyTeam comes equipped having a great number of challenges, and there are often new cards to collect. Having said that, I like to come up with my personal custom challenges and theme squads.

You will discover tons of angles to explore by means of hoops history and also the library of cards accessible on MyTeam. Within this write-up, I’ll break down a basically unstoppable collection of players that I prefer to buy MT NBA 2K18 contact the Preps-to-Pros All-Stars. In case you are unaware of what the term “preps-to-pros” indicates, it was the designation provided to players who produced the jump straight towards the NBA from high college.

It truly is actually a choose group of players along with a terrifying team in case you can assemble it in MyTeam. You will discover various versions of most of these players inside the game, but I’ve honed in many of the highest-rated cards for every single of them. Right here would be the beginning lineup:

LeBron James
Kobe Bryant
Tracy McGrady
Amare Stoudemire
Dwight Howard


PF/C – Kevin Garnett – Amethyst – 93
PF/C – Al Jefferson – Amethyst – 92
SG – J.R. Smith – Amethyst – 91
SF/PF – Rashard Lewis – Ruby – 89
C – Tyson Chandler – Ruby – 88
PF/C – Jermaine O’Neal – Sapphire – 85
SG/SF – Terrance Ferguson – Moments – 75

There’s a single Kobe Bryant card above the one listed. It is his 99-rated Lakers Signature Series card, but trust me, the Diamond Kobe is a dilemma for any person to stop. He has 20 Gold badges and Hall of Fame badges in Acrobat, Tireless Scorer, Tough Shots and Mid-Range Deadeye.

If there is a weakness inside this lineup it’s within the absence of a true point guard. I commence LeBron James at the position, but Bryant, Tracy McGrady, and also J.R. Smith can man the spot too. Have a look at this video appear at me carrying out work with this squad.

You’ll find two ommissions in the team primarily based on technical difficulties or specifications. Shawn Kemp didn’t basically play in college, but he was enrolled at Kentucky. He does possess a 95 all round Diamond rewards card. You could easily put him around the team in place of Saric.

Final but surely not least is Moses Malone. However, one of many correct pioneers from the preps-to-pros movement was the Chairman of the Boards. Unfortunately, the late Hall of Famer isn’t in NBA 2K18 at all. Hopefully, that’s one thing that changes within the close to future.