Final Fantasy XIV’s Naoki Yoshida Shares New Year Wishes And Teasers

Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida, aka “Yoshi-P,” has shared a special New Year’s greeting for the game’s fans. He discusses the release of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood too as the annual Fan Festival Events, which take place three occasions a year. He’s also shared some teasers on what fans can expect of Final Fantasy XIV in 2018.

“Hello there, everyone. Producer and Director Yoshi-P right here to want you all a Pleased New Year! 2017 was a excellent year. The release of our second expansion, Stormblood, was an excellent success, and we’ve seen much more players on the web than ever prior to,” the director’s message reads prior to he thanks players for their help, loyalty and patronage.

Yoshida shares the initial main update with the year, patch 4.2, which is due in the end of January 2018 as mentioned inside the Live letter this previous December. In anticipation of Patch 4.2—Rise of a brand new Sun, a preview web page is up that shares information about the principal situation, notable side quests and two dungeons (Hells’ Lid along with the Fractal Continuum (Challenging)).

The key situation continues the Ala Mhigo plot of Stormblood. “Yet there is no rest for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, for the winds of difficulty are blowing in the Far East, where an unexpected spark threatens to buy Cheap FFXIV Gil set the kindling of chaos ablaze. Can Doma survive the brewing firestorm to welcome the light from the new day?”

Meanwhile, the side story quests for Patch 4.2 center around the Jade Stoa. “Legend tells of a peerless samurai who, at the behest of a king, ventured forth to drive a host of oni into the sea. However for all his strength, Tenzen could not do that alone, and so he turned towards the Four Lords – greatest of your auspices – for assistance. Together they succeeded, and afterwards journeyed west, far in the realms of males, to live out their days in solitude,” the official internet site states.

Yoshida also mentions that plans for the FFXIV Fan Festival 2018-2019 are “well underway,” having a year’s worth of preparation going into the event. But Fan Festivals aren’t the only huge event the Final Fantasy XIV team is organizing: “In reality, I’ve already settled on plans for a different event over a year from now. I recommend keeping a look out for future announcements to find out what it is actually,” stated Yoshida.

Ultimately, Yoshida shared just a little in-game teaser:

“Strange… I was expecting possibly a different ancient Eastern proverb, and even a passage in the diary in the late Archon Louisoix. What could this imply for the future from the realm? I suppose we can only speculate till the truth reveals itself,” he mentioned.

What could Yoshida be referring to? What are you most looking forward to in Patch 4.2? What else are you hoping for Final Fantasy XIV in 2018? Stay tuned for more updates on