FIFA 18: Alex Hunter reveals the Chelsea’s kit for 2017-2018 season

Premier League Champions Chelsea unveiled their new kit for the upcoming season utilizing FIFA 17’s protagonist.

The Journey was a game mode in FIFA 17 where players had to buy fifa 18 coins and guide a fictional Alex Hunter as he tries to grow to be the next huge sensation. EA’s selection to introduce The Journey in FIFA 17 proved to become a enormous hit as it became the top-selling console game of 2016. Throughout the E3 launch of FIFA 18, EA Sports had confirmed that The Journey will make a return in FIFA 18. “FIFA 18 will develop on the foundation we created with story mode this year, bringing players back towards the Journey with Season 2, featuring new characters and new storylines. Our development group in Vancouver is delivering deeply revolutionary new experiences across this year’s game, such as an Ultimate Team, and generating the most emotionally immersive and connected FIFA we have ever produced,” mentioned the CEO of EA, Andrew Wilson.

Earlier right now, Alex Hunter, the star of FIFA 17’s The Journey was selected to represent Chelsea and showcased their new kit for the 2017-2018 season. The all-blue jersey is accompanied by blue shorts and white socks to finish Chelsea’s iconic look, which Hunter shows off in a celebratory style. Images of a possible new household strip have already been leaked in recent weeks as fans grow excited following the switch from Adidas. It did surprise fans that though most sides use their significant names to unveil their new kit, the Premier League champions turned to the protagonist of FIFA 17’s story mode.

When EA Sports confirmed the return with the Journey in FIFA 18, they had also hinted that Alex Hunter would sooner or later join Actual Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. Nonetheless, with the Portuguese striker set to leave the club, the word around the street is the fact that EA Sports may reconsider his part within the Journey season 2. Given that EA Sports has permitted Hunter to model for Chelsea, it is actually achievable that they could play a major part in his profession in FIFA 18. Chelsea’s official Twitter account also tweeted saying: ” SO you happen to be saying?”

It would be intriguing to view how Alex Hunter would match at Stamford Bridge, given that EA Sports had hinted that he will be moving to Genuine Madrid. Even the trailer for The Journey featured Ronaldo and reconsidering his part inside the game may possibly be a bad selection. EA Sports had promised that Hunter could finally move out of UK, and if he were to keep in Chelsea, it could be fair to say that the game mode hasn’t been enhanced. We’ll get more information regarding The Journey Season 2 only when it releases in September.