2K17 NBA confirmed landing Pro PS4 to enhance anti aliasing

The official push extra recently announced the landing PS4 Pro platform, the game will support native 4K resolution, 60FPS and HDR, has better anti aliasing experience. It is worth noting that, if the game player who use a 1080P screen, the game will still rendering 4K resolution screen.

is a 2K Sports production, 2K Games issued a sports game. After breaking sales records, , NBA 2K series will continue to consolidate its most authoritative status of sports video games. As “all sports video game model” (GamesRadar), will play to a new height, and further break the game and reality barriers.

Although 2K’s new basketball feels like 2K16 Plus, but there is still a big favorite basketball game player with experience, but as you are familiar with the sports games, there are still many in the BUG. Now the official brought 1.04 version update, this update capacity up to 7GB, repair a lot of BUG.

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